CQ Financial Group is a privately held,management company. Through our affiliation with World Wide Credit Corp and Realty California,we are able to provide our clients with a Real Estate Renaissance Firm. Our area of specialty is the real estate investor,but we have select clients in every phase of real estate. We are reinventing the way real estate and real estate financing is done in San Diego. A bold statement? Maybe,but we offer our clients some pretty bold ideas. I should know. My name is Sean Purcell and I am the founder of CQ Financial Group.

Before becoming a full time real estate coach and investor,I made my living as a stock broker and an options trader. I have spent my adult life working in the financial and business fields. But in my youth I fell in love with buying,selling and rehabbing homes. That passion never left me and when I moved back home to San Diego,I couldn’t wait to get into real estate. Once I did,however,I was shocked at how the business was run and the way clients are often viewed as simply a means to a commission. It was the Wild West and no one seemed to care just so long as values kept screaming upward…we all know how that story ended. In 2008 the markets collapsed.

In every problem there lies an opportunity. At CQ Financial we see the opportunity to reinvent the way real estate is done. We know we can’t change every agent and lender out there;wouldn’t even try. BUT,if we reach enough clients we can change the expectation people have for their agents and lenders. For years we railed against the way mortgages were being written and we pioneered the concept of transparent lending here in San Diego. We are still one of the only lenders to educate our clients on the dirty secret of rebates –aka yield-spread premium and servicing-release premium. Our clients see the rate sheets and know what they are paying for a loan. In retail real estate we are continuously employing new ideas in marketing and make no mistake;a real estate agent’s job –the reason they are hired in the first place –is to market something. Either the house for sale or the buyer trying to purchase. Retail agents should be marketing experts,yet we see the same tired yard signs (marketing the brokerage rather than the property),the same poorly written listings and the same “I hope we get lucky”approach to representing clients. Spend some time looking around LifeThatPOPs to see retail real estate reinvented.

Our biggest contribution,however,is in the investing area of real estate. Until now that market has been treated as if they were no different than a young couple buying their first condo. Read through our Investors’Series and I think you’ll be surprised. We view the real estate investor as radically different from the standard home buyer…and very similar to any other investor in any other market! The underlying vehicle of investment may dictate some changes,but the overall analysis is the same. We did not invent organized,analytical investment thought or proven strategies for assessing risk;we are just applying them to real estate. Many in the industry think we’re nuts,but our clients think we’re brilliant. Whose opinion do you think we value more?

Sean Purcell

(Sean graduated from Princeton University with a degree in Psychology. He spends his free time training for Ironman triathlons and listening to the laughter of those who see him doing it.)